Abstinence . . . you read that word, and you’re probably thinking “no sex and no fun.” But you couldn’t be more wrong. Abstinence is a lot more than that. Abstinence is voluntarily abstaining from any risky behavior, and people who practice abstinence do so because they know that abstaining from risky behaviors is the only way they can live healthy, productive lives.

Think about it. How many people you know quit smoking cigarettes because they don’t want to get lung cancer? Or quit doing drugs to avoid brain damage? Or quit drinking because they don’t want to have to live with the consequences of bad decisions they might make while “under the influence”?

You see, abstinence protects you from the consequences of risky behaviors. Abstinence gets the alcoholic off the streets, keeps the drug addict from an early grave and prevents the smoker from getting emphysema. Abstinence from sex outside of marriage protects you from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancy, not to mention a whole number of emotional disturbances.

If you’re thinking, “STDs? Pregnancy? That won’t happen to me!” You’re not thinking smart. In 2011 the Florida Department of Adolescent Health reported that Florida was ranked 25 out of 51 for the rate of Teen Births ages 15 -19. That’s over 17,000 young girls having babies before they are out of High School! 92% of these are to unwed mothers. In terms of STD’s 1 in 3 Teen Girls has an STD. For more information on these and other facts:


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